Healthy Boundaries for Self-Care & Self-Love After Narcissistic Abuse

Self care is not selfish. Felt letter board with sleep optimization products, concept of rest

Everyone needs healthy boundaries in your life. YOU are the most important thing you have and YOU are the only one that can make sure that happens! Setting boundaries is an act of love towards yourself and is an act of respect towards others. Boundaries Guidelines: Start with small adjustments to what you will or […]

“Single Bells”


We get so wrapped up in being in a relationship, healthy or toxic, that we sacrifice our wants, needs and values for what society has engrained in us of what we “should” be doing. Our needs always come last. We give and give until the holiday’s become a chore, and non-enjoyable. We lose ourselves to […]

Books for Healing and Understanding Narcissistic Abuse


There is so much information available to assist you in your healing journey! These books make sense of the chaos, the confusion and give you guidance for where you have been and the steps to heal after the disaster and devastation. Psychopath Free by Jackson MacKenzie Whole Again by Jackson MacKenzie The Power of Now […]

28 Self Love Affirmations Narcissistic Survivors Should Say to Themselves Every Day

Embracing the positive energy with open arms

Exhale negative energy. Inhale positive energy. Self-love is extremely important for survivors of narcissistic abuse. One of the best ways to get started is to focus on positive self-talk. First thing in the morning and last thing before bed, taking a few minutes to recite positive affirmations. Below are some great ones that we use […]