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Forgive Yourself

You can not hold yourself responsible for what you didn’t know, when you didn’t know it. You are your biggest fan and should be! It is all about you! Learn, grow, love


  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Admit you messed up or acknowledge the mistake that was made
  • Take accountability and responsibility for your part
  • Apologize to yourself 
  • Think of any mistake as a learning experience
  • Remember that it’s okay to feel guilty but understand the difference between guilt and shame
  • How can you grow from this experience
  • Notice when you are being self-critical
  • Quiet negative thoughts and feelings until you can process them
  • Acknowledge the thoughts when you have the time to absorb them
  • Don’t rush your feelings, sit with them
  • Be patient with the process
  • Show remorse for what you’ve been through
  • Keep your focus to the end game, healing and self-growth
  • Take care of yourself, mentally and physically
  • Engross yourself in self-love, healing, and growth techniques  
  • Continue forgiving yourself
  • Understand and love the YOU now
  • Love the knowledge you have NOW to move forward

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