You're Not Alone

We believe you. Whatever chaos you’re going through, you don’t have to battle narcissistic abuse alone. We understand your struggles and we’re here. We’re your tribe.

De'Chaos is a community built by survivors for survivors of narcissistic abuse.

We often think that if we don’t have bruises and scars, it’s not abuse. Emotional abuse such as narcissistic abuse, can completely destroy the body, mind, and spirit of a person. 

Here, we want to create a supportive and encouraging community where you, as a survivor of narcissistic abuse, can find ways to heal, grow, and thrive. There is a rainbow after the storm.

Our Community

This is your safe outlet to share your thoughts, feelings, and find ways to work through your chaos without being judged. We're your tribe!

Survivor Stories

Before you, there was them. You're not alone in this chaotic journey. Read the stories of other narcissistic abuse survivors.

Who We Are

Discover who are the people behind this community, why they started this community, and what they hope to bring to this community.

The best minds in mental health aren't the docs. They're the trauma survivors who have had to figure out how to stay alive for years with virtually no help. Wanna learn how to psychologically survive under unfathomable stress? Talk to abuse survivors.

Dr. Glenn Doyle



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