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“Single Bells”

We get so wrapped up in being in a relationship, healthy or toxic, that we sacrifice our wants, needs and values for what society has engrained in us of what we “should” be doing. Our needs always come last. We give and give until the holiday’s become a chore, and non-enjoyable. We lose ourselves to try to make “them” happy and we all know they ruin every holiday! If this is your 1st holiday single, let us help you make the most of this season!

What if the holidays are actually fun? Caring? Loving and beautiful! It’s true they can be! Jaded is a condition that we allowed in our lives! If negativity is contagious SO is Happiness and Love! Where you dwell you swell!

I am completely enjoying my “Single Bells” this year! This has been a long time coming and I assure you the work is worth the payout!

Let’s have the most blessed, mindful, peaceful Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for 2021! Below are a few suggestions to keep you in the spirit, free and grateful for what you have RIGHT now!

1. Spend time with friends! Enjoy their conversation, catch up! Be real, loving and genuine! Be grateful for what you have, where you are and what are you learning. Remember what the season is actually about!
2. Put up a tree, grab new ornaments that are just yours or use past ornaments that feel freeing! Colors, sizes, shapes, all YOUR favorites! Make new ornaments that suit you, intentions, your future, those that have meaning for you!
3. Make your neighbors cookies or candy! Step out of comfort zone! Introduce yourself, spread love, life, smiles and joy!
4. Volunteer at a shelter! Delivering meals, food pantry or shelters of any kind! Get to know your community and where you want to give back! They all need you and in return you need them! The love is so genuine it lights up your entire world!
5. Pamper yourself! A new hair cut, hair color, a new dress, nails, pedicure! Something that makes you feel AMAZING!
6. Journal! Why is this year so great? No eggshells under your feet! You get to enjoy everything YOU want! What do you want out of 2022? What are your goals? Where are you headed! The sky is the limit!
7. Go to a service! Connect with God! Feel the magic, the genuine bone chilling LOVE in the air surrounded by others!
8. Meditate! Go inside! Go deep! What do you need to accomplish to get where you want to go? What needs healing? What needs more time and attention to move forward!
9. Move your energy! Dance! Sing! Dress up, go out, express yourself around people you will never see again! YOU matter! Explore your creativity! Oh, and Uber is you have a cocktail! Be Responsible but enjoy these Holidays!

Ladies, the world is your oyster! You are young and healthy, no matter your age, with no commitment to anyone but YOURSELF! Make this Christmas “All about you”! You have the opportunity and ability to do anything and achieve anything you want in 2022, if you TRULY want it! Put in the work, do the research, reach for the stars and learn about YOU! What you want, what you like, what you ARE and grab it!

Here comes 2022 and “The World Is Our Oyster”! We got this girls!

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