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Why Going No Contact Works

What is No Contact?

No contact is a strategy in order to cut ties with a narcissist, sociopath or other emotional manipulator.  The most powerful thing that you can do for yourself after narcissistic abuse is to implement this strategy. It is a way of saying ‘NO MORE‘ and means cutting them off emotionally, psychologically, physically, and spiritually. This is a powerful boundary that means this person no longer has access to you.

No contact is exactly what it means. Zero contact in any way shape or form. Every bit of communication will only hurt you and nothing good can come from any contact with the abuser whatsoever. Maintaining contact is like continuing to touch a burning stove!

How to Implement No Contact.

Block and delete all forms of contact including:

*All social media
*Phone numbers / Text messages
*Instant messaging apps
*Seeing them in person
*No ‘checking up’ on them through friends or on the internet

At first, it may feel like cutting someone off is ‘mean’ but you’re not doing this TO them, you are doing it FOR yourself! Honor your healing by detaching and letting go of the illusion of this person. Abuse is never ok under any circumstance. You can get closure without contact.

If you have children together, the narcissist is a family member, or you have a business relationship that must be tended to, then engage as minimally as possible (modified contact.) And keep responses brief and factual only. Don’t allow yourself to get sucked back into the drama by reacting to accusations, insults, or false promises.

Why does going not contact work?

No contact works because it puts you in a position to completely disconnect from the abuser and remain safe from continued manipulation. This act of self-love hands down grants you the space to focus on your own healing and reclaim your self-worth.

No matter how badly you were hurt, contact will only make it worse! In the beginning, it might feel like total hell because you are literally detoxing your mind, body, and spirit. Press on! This is for your higher good.

“Silence is the loudest word you never say”

Ben Harper

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