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Awakening Vs New Consciousness

Awakening can be extremely tough and emotional. This is why we need to work through the uncomfortable pain and discomfort in order to move up to the next level. Identify your stage, know the differences, and keep working on the next step. Remember, we all go through this. Before you can run, you must crawl.

It’s painfulIt’s exciting
Feels unrealYou see possibilities
Denial is present       Gratitude is present
Your body gets affected                 Your spirit gets stirred up
Sadness & disappointment                                       Contentment & Satisfaction
Mood swings                                                     Learn how to regulate emotions
Lack of interestLooks forward to a new adventure
Functioning in victim modeLiving your life to the fullest
Develop coping mechanismsBlossoming with confidence
Constantly mentally traveling into the past       You project yourself into the future
Realization of trauma                                        Focus on healing
Waves of massive emotions                             Calmness & serenity
Try to escape the present feelings                 Allow, process, and release emotions
Regret & self-punishSelf-love & self-reward
You resistYou surrender
Biological functionally, you are in chaos                          You take back the control of your body
Goals look so unattainable                              You start following your purpose & fulfillment
You feel lonely                                                You enjoy your own company
Happiness looks impossible                           You create your own paradise
Self-doubt and self-blame                               Self-discovery & self-acceptance
Feels like nobody understands                       You no longer explain yourself
Unfolding truths are overwhelming                  Lack of interest
Episodes of anxiety                                         Periods of revelation & awareness
Grieve for the old you                                      Celebrates the new you
Easily triggered                                                Effortlessly motivated
You hide because of a lack of understanding                                    You live to manifest your power
You feel lost                                                     Driven to find yourself
Your eyes are open to the hurtful truth  Your heart is free for new opportunities
You try to fight it                                               You defend it and nurture it
Shed layers of you                                            Build the new you


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