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Connecting with Nature, Mindfulness Meditation

Trauma-informed Mindfulness.

Trauma-informed mindfulness is an approach to mindfulness practices that is specifically adapted to be sensitive to the needs and potential triggers of individuals who have experienced trauma.  This method integrates the fundamental principles of trauma awareness into traditional mindfulness techniques to create a safe, supportive environment for all participants, especially those who may be more…

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Close up of business woman working at office desk. Right hand writing in notebook. Laptop

Your Bill of Rights

Setting boundaries can be challenging if you're unsure about the characteristics of a healthy relationship. Here are some principles that people with a healthy mindset establish for themselves, which you should consider adopting as well. 1. I have the right to ask for what I need. 2. I have the right to say no to…

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stone balance on the beach

Finding Balance In Your Life

Do you feel like you're being pulled everywhere all at once? You may be experiencing an imbalance in your life. The struggle to find balance afterward going through narcissistic abuse is like sitting on a runaway train with broken wheels. Everything is out of control and the ride is not going to be smooth. Below…

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A woman in pajamas opens Christmas gifts.

“Single Bells”

We get so wrapped up in being in a relationship, healthy or toxic, that we sacrifice our wants, needs and values for what society has engrained in us of what we "should" be doing. Our needs always come last. We give and give until the holiday's become a chore, and non-enjoyable. We lose ourselves…

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stressed little girl upset tired of parents fight.

Parenting with a Narcissist

Yes!  You can! Narcissists are notorious for not cooperating but they don’t stop there.  They wreak havoc!  How do you parent with somebody who is dead set on sabotaging the entire family (themselves included) to “win”?  It often feels impossible even to those who’ve been doing it for years.  Any small step is progress and…

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