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You Have to Get Out of This

I repeated the words over and over in my head, hundreds of times. While I was lying in bed, unable to sleep, oftentimes with my abuser lying next to me, his arms wrapped around my body so tightly I could barely move. You have to get out of this.  To an outsider, it would have looked…

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Indeed, I’m a Survivor

My story? Well, my story is very much like yours. It’s long, full of pain, trauma, unanswered questions, anger, frustration, confusion but one thing is for sure: like you, I’m a survivor. A survivor of violence, childhood abuse, sexual abuse, a survivor of emotional and psychological abuse, and finally narcissistic abuse.  You must ask yourself…

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As within, so without

We met in college and dated 5 years. On the outside, we were like the royalty couple always dressed to the nines and lovey dovey. All of my focus was on him, his dreams. I thought he was a genius and ahead of his time. I was always fawning and putting my own needs to…

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Crazy Love

We all look for a perfect mate, maybe not perfect but compatible at least.  I met mine at work, he was my manager and we both worked very hard for the same things in life. Time went on and we developed a relationship that went very well in all aspects until the day we moved…

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God Gives Us Obstacles

At age 13, my mother and stepfather got very involved in ultra conservative politics and the anti abortion movement. They preached that the government was bad and controlling and hated God. I was taught that women were created to serve their husbands and have children. It was pounded into me that women are fragile creatures…

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I Took Back My Life

I was in a 22-year marriage with my high school sweetheart but with emotional, financial, spiritual, sexual, and verbal abuse. During those years I didn’t realize or know any difference. It became what I would call my “norm” because I didn’t know otherwise. With the boys, I did whatever I could to keep the family…

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