How we impacted the lives of other survivors and what they are saying about us. 

I first learned about narcissistic abuse about 10 years ago, when a counselor mentioned it, but I stayed in denial, even though I knew something was really wrong in my marriage. When I started to research what a narcissist was, I looked for a support group to validate what I was learning. Nothing was out there to help me. Luckily, someone in a codependent group referred me to this community.

After my very first meeting, I felt I truly was heard, I found a group of women who were stronger than anyone I’d ever met in my life up to this moment. The community gave me a place to be heard, not be judged, and to express myself. In 2 years, the community has given me a place to cope, grow, and heal... and laugh. We’re sisters in healing!
Sandy M.
I can’t say enough about how the community has helped me through this difficult and confusing time. As a newly separated and then divorced woman, I was sad, lonely and confused. Being with other women who have gone through similar experiences and are growing, thriving and yes, even smiling and laughing has been pivotal in my own healing from narcissistic abuse. I am grateful to Cali for starting the group and all the other wonderful women who understand and are there for us.
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Meredith Y.
Joining this community has been amazing! I was welcomed and felt comfortable sharing my story. Before I joined the group I was in a dark place and didn't have a strong support system but that has changed thanks to all of the incredible women and practices I'm feeling better day by day!
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Candace M.
I am forever blessed to be part of this badass group. When I started attending the zoom meetings, I was very reluctant.  I did not want to admit that I was psychologically abused. My self-esteem was destroyed.  I thought to myself "you are an intelligent woman, how could you let this happen? How could you be so stupid!?" I found that I was not alone. There is a remarkable support system for everyone in every stage of grief and recovery. I have found the weekly classes and the suggested reading has given me a grasp of what I have been dealing with. I am slowly learning how to love myself for the first time in my life.  I am enjoying my path from Surviving narcissistic abuse to a thriving Badass Unicorn. Thank you. 
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Kathlene K.
I searched for years for a reason I wasn't happy in my marriage. I went through therapists, marriage counselors, church support groups, etc... but nothing seemed to help or feel right. One day, a friend commented to me that my husband, "sounded like a narc," and I discovered narcissistic abuse. After months of research, I realized my husband was a covert narcissist and I started looking for others who have experienced this and to help me sort out all the confusion I was feeling. Thankfully, I found this group and found my family. These ladies have helped me through the discovery of narcissism. Through 2 years of trying to leave and the multiple times I failed. Through the horrible divorce process. And I know my unicorn sisters will be there for me for life! Please know you are not alone and there is hope and help.
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Kristen D.
I was in an extremely volatile relationship with a man that was narcissistically abusive. Very quickly, this man that had me convinced he was the man of my dreams, became my worst nightmare.

It started with extreme acts of jealousy, control, intimidation, verbal, and mental abuse that soon escalated into the destruction of property, physical abuse, stalking, and threats on my life and my loved ones.

I was terrified but also very confused after months of gaslighting and mental manipulation. Despite the extent of the abuse I endured, he seemed to have a way to spin himself into the role of the victim. Coercing me to protect him from the legal and financial consequences of the abuse he inflicted upon me.

The abuse became so consistent and completely unbearable. I eventually had to obtain a domestic violence protective order from the court. He was charged with other crimes related to the abuse as well.

I was devastated that I found myself sitting in the reality that this had become my life. I constantly felt afraid, lost, and alone until I found this group of women that helped me begin to transform my life.

The immediate support, inclusion, and understanding that I was met with a such a comfort to me. Knowing others have been where I was and have not only made it through this hell but are thriving has given me so much hope. The support and knowledge that I’ve received from these amazing women have changed my life.

I am so grateful to all of them for the continued support, encouragement, and inspiration that they have shown me as well as their unbridled courage.
Rachel S.
This community has helped me more than words can express. Before joining this group, I did not feel like I had any real connection with anyone. I felt like no one understood me and I had no real direction as to how to move forward. By being in this group, I now feel connected and supported. Every week I am inspired by the information shared with the group. I am so glad that the ladies running this support group are willing to share their experiences and their wealth of knowledge. Every week I learn a new and valuable tool to help me deal with my past narcissistic experiences. I am so grateful for this group of ladies.
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Yolanda L.
The Survivors group has been phenomenal in helping me to truly understand what narcissism is, what the effects are and how to heal from narcissistic abuse. I am so happy that I found this group of ladies!
Jo G.

Support us in changing the lives of narcissistic abuse survivors.