RE'Boot Healing Program

This program is about you. It focuses on helping you discover ways to heal your body, mind, and spirit after narcissistic abuse. It’s time to set yourself free so you can become who you’re meant to be.

What this program is all about...

Reclaim your life and personal power after narcissistic abuse. Transform into a thriving life through a 12-session step by step healing and recovery course. You will receive both online materials and live remote sessions to help you set goals, create boundaries, and regain a positive self-identity.  The course will take you through recognizing and healing emotional wounds, growing through self-care and love, and thriving into new trajectories of career, relationships, community, and a higher sense of self.

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What are the benefits to you?  

Do you want to be able to move forward after narcissistic abuse?
Do you want to recover your identity, harmony, and power? 
Do you know how to work through the pain, uncertainty, self-doubting, and lack of confidence? 

This program is a critical investment in yourself.  You CAN thrive into a new life filled with joy and peace and return to your true self. 

The best part… it’s FREE to those who qualified. 

Why do you need it?

Accountability, growth,  responsibility, learning who YOU are, what you like, what you deserve, what are “normal and acceptable behaviors” for YOU. Take control of what you will accept and what you want in life. 

Life goes on and you don’t need to be stuck in an ocean of unaddressed emotions. This program will help you regulate yourself, explore the past wounds and heal them, develop a connection with your inner child, learn techniques on…. how to manage every stage of your recovery

Learn techniques on how to let the brain fog settle so you can imagine a build the future you want and deserve for yourself.

See clearly what happened to you, why, and how to empower yourself and own your future.

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Support us in changing the lives of narcissistic abuse survivors.