Discover the people behind this community, why they started this community, and what they hope to bring to this community. This is our true color.

Founder / Director

15 years of narcissistic abuse. Mother of 5 children. Today, 5 years later, a lone parent, trauma survivor, entrepreneur, and Life Experience Designer. Founder of De’Chaos. Believes no one should have to struggle with narcissistic abuse alone. 

When she’s not trying to help the world end the cycle of narcissistic abuse, she’s a magical unicorn who designs web applications to save lives and teaches ambitious people to design a life they want instead of living a life designed for them.


10+ years of narcissistic abuse. Mother of 3 children. Today one year later, a single mother, trauma survivor, determined career individual with an aspiring desire to shift abuse awareness. 

Her desire to assist women who have been abused keeps her motivated to continue her education in supporting this community of women with healing, growth, and self-love practices.


A lifetime of abuse. Today, a trauma survivor, single mother of 2 children, a resilient individual who decided “enough is enough” and believes knowledge is the best weapon against emotional abuse.

Self-driven, bilingual, committed to preventing and ending the cycle of abuse through coaching and guidance so no one has to walk alone in their healing journey and be able to live a life of fulfillment and purpose.

Jill Wautlet

Board Member

28 years of narcissistic abuse and a lifetime of anxious attachment. Mother of 2 adult children. Today thriving in life as a confident woman living on her own terms and reclaimed personal power.

Dedicated to empowering others to rise into higher trajectories. Her calling is to bring conscious awareness to the higher self, encourage others into a place of self-acceptance, and to live as an example of ultimate possibility.

Support us in changing the lives of narcissistic abuse survivors.